You Don’t Need a Blog Or YouTube Channel to Make Money Online, Try These

When you mention how to make money online the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube and blogging, because these are some of the key known ways of making money online. It’s true but there are other ways you can still use and make money as a programmer.

So here are some of the ways you can make money online not necessarily using youtube or a blog as a programmer.

1) Fiverr Gigs

If you have skills in website design, logo design, or even merchandise design, you can create an account with Fiver and post a really good description of what you’re good at and give examples. Soon you’re going to see people asking you to help them with design work. The pay is excellent; projects start at $5 per hour and go up to $500 per hour. But that is just for newbies who are just starting out. After you become an expert, you’ll start charging more for your work.

Do you want to Join Fiverr?

It is very simple to get started just go to the website sign up, search your niche, create your description, and post your skills.

2) Podcast

This requires a little more work, as you’re required to do some research on the topic of your choice. After that, create some awesome audio, and post them to podcast sites like Spotify and Anchor. These sites will start paying as soon as people start listening to your podcast. If you’re just starting out, I prefer you use Anchor because it’s easier to get started and you get monetized on your first listening, so you won’t wait until you reach some required limit.


As a programmer, you can write about how to get started in programming, which programming languages are good for beginners or you can write about advanced topics such algorithms, quantum programming, etc.

3) Writing and Publishing on Amazon Kindle

This is extremely profitable and also kind of hard since it requires you to have some writing skills. All you’re going to do is choose a particular topic and then create a story around it. It may be a short story or a long one. It can also be fiction or real life, but all you need to be a good writer is that. After you’ve written your PDF file, upload it to Amazon Kindle. Then add a catchy cover image to attract readers, and if all goes well, in no time you’ll get paid as people read and buy your ebook. You can also convert your ebook to audio and post it on Audible and AudioBooks, and when people listen, you get paid. 4) Creating courses and posting them on sites like Udemy, If you have a skill you believe is worth sharing, whether you’re good at teaching any subject, or maybe you know photography or videography, or you have experience in diving, you can create a course on how to swim. You can even teach people how to make money online, and people will gladly pay to view your course. The best sites to post courses are Udemy, Coursera,, and Skillshare. They will pay you when someone views and buys your course.

4) Buying and reselling domains

This is by far the most lucrative online business idea; all you need is to be creative with your domain name choices. What you’ll do here is search for a popular word or phrase that is worth a domain name. After that, go and buy the domain name at a very cheap price. The price should range from $2 to $18. If it’s more than that, then you have to be very sure with the name to know if it’s buyable. Then you wait for someone to buy that domain name. When someone wants to buy something, you charge them the amount you wish for, then sell it for a higher price and make a profit. Tip: Be on the lookout for trends and search for words or phrases that are trending; these ones sell faster, so you won’t wait long before making a sale.

5) POP (Print on Demand)

Just in case you didn’t know, print on demand is where you create a design for clothing like t-shirts, hoodies, or coffee mugs, then post them on the recommended sites. If a customer likes the design, they buy it, and the website handles everything for you, from printing on the requested item to packaging, delivering, and processing payment, and then paying you commissions.

Commission ranges from 20% to 30%, while there are some sites that allow you to set your commission so that you can decide to get as much on your design as possible. You don’t even need a website or customer service because they take care of everything. These are some of the best-known websites that offer these services. We have Redbubble, which is the easiest to join and free because there are no listing fees, and they do the marketing for you, so it will be easy for you to start making money in no time. Others are Spreadshirt, Teespring, Zazzle, and Etsy, and you can use Printfull with Shopify or Amazon. Merch

6) Taking and uploading photos to Getty Images and Shutterstock

This one requires you to have at least some photography skills. In this method, you’re going to take beautiful images or shoot really nice videos. Tip for videos: they must be high resolution, and they have to be 4K at least. You can also upload illustration photos or videos, which are of course high-res too. But before you consider joining, ensure you know how to take really great photos to be accepted. When you get accepted, you will earn 30 to 45% on the royalties of your photos forever. Photos that sell well are the ones with people, landscapes, and landmarks (portraits). But do your research and choose the niche you’re interested in.


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