Using Chat GPT 3 as a Long-Form Text Generator

Chat GPT is the best text generator tool out there, and one of the reasons is that it’s completely free for now. As with all good things, there are always some limitations. That is, gpt3, or simply “chat gpt,” is incapable of producing long-form text, such as a blog post of 1200 words.

But don’t worry; I’ll show you how to use chat gpt 3 as a long-form text generator in this post.

Chat GPT Prompts

I hope you know what Chat GPT and GPT-3 prompts are and that you have an account.

If you don’t have these, then head over to the OpenAI website to sign up for chat GPT.

Now, let’s dive in. For you to use GPT-3 as a text generator, you need to know how to write your prompts the right way in order for you to write articles.

Prompts can be just “What is chat gpt?” or “Who is Elon Musk?” But these are simple prompts, and if you want to do long-form text generation, you need to know how to write your prompts correctly to give you the best results.

Prompt Engineering

Now, how do you write your prompts? It’s called prompt engineering, and by the way, it’s not that hard.

Say you want to generate a simple 500-word article that’s easy; Chat gpt will do that faster as you look at it.

For example, to do this, here is how you would write a prompt to generate 500 texts.

Create a 500-word blog post titled “GPT 3 Tutorial.”

Isn’t the end result lovely?

How To Generate Long-Form Texts Using Chat GPT 3
This is part of it, use the prompt to generate the complete one

For some, a 500-word article is sufficient, but if you want a longer article, you’re going to need to take a different approach. That is, first generating the outline, then slicing the outline, and then generating the slices. Sorry, that’s oversimplified. I’ll show you how to do this step by step.

Generating an Article Text Outline

So far, we’ve talked about how to write prompts; now, with that knowledge, we can just continue and create the outline we need.

It is simple; all you have to do is give out the command and the title you want the outline to be about.

Here is the most basic prompt you can use to generate an article text outline.

`Generate a text outline for the article with the title “How to Start a Successful SaaS Using Chat GPT 3.”

And here is the result:

This is part of the result…

As you can see, the output is simple and direct nothing fancy but you can still do more. Let’s try another prompt.

This time, we’ll try to find the right keywords to include, as well as decide which topic should come first, and so on.

First, let’s write a command to generate an SEO keyword that is related to the title. We do this so that we can optimize our article for SEO.

Brainstorm as many possible SEO keywords I can use in the article with the title “How to Start a Successful SaaS Using Chat GPT 3.”

If you use the prompt on chat gpt you’ll see, we now have keywords that would mostly appear in articles such as this. Note: Don’t trust the AI; always fact-check everything before you continue.

You can review the keywords, and if you are satisfied, you can continue.

The following step is to use these keywords on the outline you produce.

Let’s now write a prompt to give out the outline and include the keywords.

First option

`Generate an article text outline with the title 

“How to Start a Successful SaaS Using Chat GPT 3,”

You must include the keywords you generated where necessary, and the first topic should be “Content Generation Using Chat GPT” `

You see how detailed the prompt is. Remember chat GPT 3 is not a person it doesn’t get tired or get bored and the more info you give it the info the more accurate your answer will be.

Second option:

In case you have reviewed your keywords you can feed it this before you continue the generation of the outline. Or, you can just add the list of keywords to the prompt like this.

Generate an article text outline with the title 

[Your title]

You must include the following keywords [your list of keywords] where necessary, and the first topic should be [Your first topic] `

Then click continue and see our results, It’s amazing how you can accomplish so much in such a short time.

Head over to chat gpt input the prompt then come back

Slicing Your Outline

You’ve seen the result; you’ve seen the parts from the introduction to the conclusion.

Now what you need to do is select each part one by one and keep them somewhere for use later.

As you can see.

Note: Some parts may have errors or be missing information. This is where you edit them one by one until you’re satisfied.

Writing Each Part

Before we embark on this part, I need you to make sure that you have all the parts arranged well based on the outline.

Now let’s do some prompt engineering to generate the texts for each part.

Now to write each part, here is how you need to write your prompts.

`write the part [the part ] of the article with the title [your title]`

Do this for each part and in no time you will have a complete article with more than 1000 words. For you to reach a certain number of words you need to specify how many words you want to be written on each part.

Tip: Whenever you are not satisfied with any part just throw it back at chat gpt. It will do your bidding as you instruct it. You can decide to change the tone, simplify, make it technical, or use advanced vocabulary. Just ask it to do however you like.

Example prompt after it has generated your text, make it technical, and expand it to 500 words. This will instruct chat gpt to generate a technical text and make it 500 words if the previously generated text was not to your liking.


This is the last part, you can just ask the chat gpt to do it for you but the best way is to combine them manually. That way you’ll be able to note any problems and fix them.

It’s simple just take the generated parts in the order of the outline and add them one by one.

If see any issue on any part just go back and redo the prompt as we did earlier, you may want to reduce the length of some parts or increase and tweak just go for it.

Cleaning up AI and Plagiarism

Your content is ready now but the fact remains, it’s an AI-generated text and it may be flagged by google and which may impact your search result position in Google search.

Here are some tools you can use to clean your content from plagiarism and AI there are free ones that are hugging face ai detection and plagiarism detector. If they don pass the test you can use Quilbot to replace your post and look again. Just keep reading and refreshing until it AI free and plagiarism free.

There are other special tools you can use such as the originality ai which is capable of detecting if it’s AI-generated and plagiarism at one click.

Other Tools

As you’ve seen, it takes time to do this. Writing the prompts can be tiring and if you don’t do it right you may end up with low-quality text generated. But other tools out there can do this for you faster and with ease. Here are some tools you can use to generate long-form texts.

a: Content at Scale 

It’s a powerhouse when it comes to generating long texts. All you have to do is input your title and it will generate your text in no time.

The best this about this is that it’s capable of producing long-form texts that are AI-free, and plagiarism free. And the best part they SEO optimizes your content out of the box.

b: Jasper

Jasper has been in this field for a long time they not only do long-form text generation but also do short copies such as marketing emails, advert texts, and more

c: Copy AI

This is also like jasper AI, they mostly focus on marketing copies they also shine when it comes to long-form texts for blog posts

Other worth mentioning are Creaitor.aiAnyWordAdCreative


In this post, we talked about how to generate long-form text using chat gpt which is actually simple all you have to do is write your prompts the right and you will get just what you need.

In a nutshell, you need to create your article outline, slice it into different parts use the generated parts to create the part by part.

If you need to write longer text all you needed to do was just command the ai to do as you need.

We also talked about other text generation tools such as content at scale, Jasper, and copy ai their uses and convenience compared to gpt3-powered chat gpt.

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