Top 5 Easy Programming Languages To Help You Jump Start Your Coding Journey in 2023

Coding is one of the well-paying jobs available and here I’m gonna help you jump-start your coding journey. Averagely the lowest-earning coders earn about $30k per year, this is just an estimate. It goes higher and higher fast as you get experience. With programming, you don’t need to be employed though, you can work as a freelancer, or create your own projects, for example, an app or website then monetize it, and there you go.

As you have seen programming pays, but how do you get started? I did research and found out that in the programming world there are mark-up languages, scripting languages, systems, hardware, and databases. This depends on the particular company, that of course does stuff related to programming. They will always use at least two or three of the categories above.

So if you want to be employed then at least choose what is from the above categories. Here are the best programming languages to help you jump-start your programming journey.

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1, Javascript

Javascript is a programing language that is mostly used on the web to add interactivity to HTML pages. But it doesn’t end there, nowadays it runs everywhere from the web to native apps to the desktop.

It’s used by almost all tech companies on the web as well as in the back end. It has a large community behind it hence you will find it easy to learn. Because they’re a lot of learning resources available online. Furthermore, it has a lot of frameworks that make it easy for you to create your project and go to production really quickly. One more thing, it’s easy to learn compared to other languages hence the quickest way to jump-start your coding journey.

Finally, Javascript knowledge will make it easy for you to transition to other languages such as CPP, java, c, and rust.

Quick Javascript Details.

Avg Yearly Salary: $110K

Job Type: Front-End Web Development, Full-Stack Web Development, Backend using Node Js, API Development, Native App development.

Top Companies: Paypal, Godaddy, Walmart, Nasa, Netflix,

Top Frameworks/ Libraries: Nodejs, jQuery, React, React Native, Angular Js, Ember, etc

2, Python

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Python is one of the easiest languages to learn and it’s one of the most popular programming languages out there. Its general-purpose programming language meaning, you can pretty much do anything with it, from games, web, mobile native apps, and desktop applications.

It has a good community that is mature with the tones of frameworks that will help you go to production as fast as possible. Furthermore, many top companies are using python extensively hence if you learn this programming language you are most likely to get employed as soon as possible.

Artificial Intelligence is the hottest thing right now, and this is where Python shines. It has been used to make many libraries used in machine learning. If you want to start learning the programming journey in python now, then you may want to choose machine learning, as it is hot right now. I’m not restricting you to this only though, there are others like web development that do so great.

Did you know Instagram uses Python in production, it powers over Billion users per month.

Quick Python Details.

Avg Yearly Salary: $100K

Job Type: Web Development, Data Analysis, Data Scientist

Top Companies: Instagram, Google, Netflix, Spotify, Uber, Pinterest

Top Frameworks/ Libraries: Django, Flask, Selenium, Pytorch, Beautiful Soup, Sci Py, NumPy, Scikit Learn, etc.

3, SQL

SQL is a language that is used in databases, it’s one of the essential languages for companies out there. It’s used to design databases that are used to store data. This language is used everywhere I don’t know any company that doesn’t store their data especially if that company has a website, and also you don’t have to have a website to store data for future reference.

Furthermore, a company doesn’t need to have a website to use databases, let’s say a banking company needs databases to store bankers’ data hence, they will have a database server as well database designer to design the database for them to efficiently store and retrieve the data faster when needed.

With SQL skills under your wing, you are sure that you will find a good job with many companies out there. Start learning this if you are into databases.

Quick SQL Details.

Avg Yearly Salary: $60K

Job Type: SQL Database Developer, SQL Data Scientist, Data Application Interface Developer, Database Migration Engineer

Top Companies: All Companies Uses Databases

Top Databases: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase

4, Rust

Among the languages that I have covered so far are easy to learn and also extremely popular, Rust is kind of different since it has a steep learning curve in comparison to the rest. But here is the thing don’t be afraid once you learn this language you will the best chance to be employed really fast because few people are experts in this language. So if you’re interested in building stuff that runs really fast then this is your language of choice, so check it out

Quick Rust Details.

Avg Yearly Salary: $70K

Job Type: Embedded Software Engineer, IoT, Rust Software Development

Top Companies: Dropbox, Sentry, Postmates, Brilliant, Wantedly.

Top Frameworks/ Libraries: Rocket, Actix, Yew, Nickel

5, HTML5, CSS3

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Html is equal to a webpage, I don’t know if there is any other markup language out there you can use on the web. You can use XML but that can become pretty hard very fast. Html is the easiest language to learn. Mixed with CSS you can start creating web pages with just five minutes of learning and two days to create really awesome pages depending on your dedication.

It’s also the most popular mark-up language with many supporters, and it’s also well documented, you will find excellent tutorials out there. You can also easily find tutorials on youtube that will help you jump-start and guide you to the next level.

There are also other sites that are dedicated to providing the best tutorials, these sites include w3, freeCodeCamp, Tutorial point, and Udemy and MDN Web Docs by Mozilla.

Quick HTML5, CSS3 Details

Avg Yearly Salary: $50K

Job Type: Front End Development, Web Design, Web UI Design, Web UX Design, Front-End Engineer, CSS/HTML Developer

Top Companies: All The Top Companies.

Top Frameworks/ Libraries: Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI, UI Kit, Materialize, Bulma CSS, etc

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