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ChatGPT is an extremely powerful chatbot with powers beyond your imagination. It can pretty much do anything you throw at it. But to extract all the necessary information you need from it, you need to be a master of prompts. In this post, I’m going to take you through all you need to know when it comes to writing perfect prompts for your chat gpt

But first, let’s have a little background on chat GPT and how you can incorporate it into your business or SaaS.

What is Chat GPT, and who created it?

ChatGPT is a chatbot created by a company called OpenAI. It is powered by GPT3, one of the most powerful languages. It is so powerful that it can do whatever you ask of it conventionally.

People have been using its API counterpart in making SaaS, and some people have been incorporating it into their businesses and more.

Now that you know a little bit about ChatGPT, let’s dive into how to write perfect prompts that can give you better results and make you stand out among the rest.

What’s Prompt

A “prompt” is a set of instructions given to the chatbot for it to give specific information about a particular topic. A prompt can be a simple and direct instruction, but to get better results, you need to have a clear, precise prompt.

Example of a prompt to write a blog post

`Create a 720-word article about chat gpt, start with what is chat gpt add include references`

Prompts Engineering Structure

It’s the art of designing and setting up instructions to be used by an AI to give a particular result you expect. Each prompt has its own distinct way of conveying instructions, but there are general prompt structures that can be used to generate almost anything in chat gpt. For you to get good results, you need to write your prompts in a particular style that has the following structure.

1: Length

This gives instructions on the length of the output to be given out by the chatbot. It could be the length of the article or essay that you require from the response. Remember that chatGPT is limited to a certain number of words per response, so don’t ask it to return more than 720 words in one response. That is if you’re using the free version.

Let’s see an example:

Write a 500-word article about (topic) {structure}

2: Topic 

This is where you instruct the AI on what you’re looking for; it can be a seed word, a keyword, or any topic of your choice. You need to be clear here because this part is what will determine the response you’ll get. It must be descriptive and directly to the point.

Let’s see an example:

Write a 500-word article about: “The Impact of ChatGPT on SEO”, {structure}

You can use the quotes to single out the topic you need the AI to write about; this will differentiate the topic from the rest of the instructions. Try it and see how it works.

3: Structure

This is the part that instructs the AI on what its output should be. For example, if you want the chat gpt to start with a particular part like `start with Making Money With YouTube` if you were talking about making money online.

This part is very important because it contains all the details on what you want your article or response to be like. Spend some time here, because this is where you can introduce roleplaying by giving the chat GPT a professional role, for example, and instructing the AI to play the role of an SEO expert and answer your question like one.

Let’s write a prompt for the structure part:

…. Begin by explaining what SEO is; include references as needed; and write the article as if you were an experienced SEO expert. 

Tip: Always create an outline for your article whenever you want to create content with chat gpt. You’ll need the outline when giving out instructions on the structure of your article.

Write your first Chat GPT prompt.

We’ve talked about prompt engineering and the structure of a good prompt. Now let’s create a prompt that includes all the things we have learned above. Our prompt must include length, topic, and structure.

Write a 500-word article about the “Impact of ChatGPT.” Start the article with a clear introduction to ChatGPT. Use references where applicable. And write like an expert on AI language models.

Try the prompt in your chat gpt window and see the response. It’s great, right?

Improving Your Chat GPT Prompts

You could write your prompt as above, which is just fine; it’s just enough. The above style will still give you the best result, but you can do more. And to make it even better, you need to sprinkle some salt into your prompts.

Here are several ways you could optimize your chat gpt prompts to get excellent responses.

Make Your Prompts Descriptive

Whenever you’re writing your prompt, make it a habit of being descriptive of what you want. Don’t let the fact that you don’t know much about a topic and are in the research phase deter you. ChatGPT has a complex language model that will detect all the information you need from the description you give it.

Be specific and precise in your chat gpt prompts.

If you already know what you want, try to get right to the point. Specify exactly what you want from the AI. Don’t go around in circles trying to explain a point; just be specific and simple.

Use role-playing

This will instruct chatGPT to give you a response in the role you gave it. For example, you could give it the role of a teacher trying to explain a topic to a student. in fifth grade. Or you could assign it the role of an expert to explain a technical topic.


You are an expert in fluid mechanics; now explain how air affects a rocket during takeoff.

The response from the above prompt will assume that you are conversant with fluid mechanics, so it will give a technical answer below. expert in fluid mechanics. You could modify it now to create another role pairing in the context of trying to explain the topic to a child in 4th grade. You could write the prompt below:

You’re a 4th-grade teacher; explain to my child how the air affects a rocket during takeoff.

Ask ChatGPT to mimic a famous person in your prompt.

To make your prompts even better, you could use this type of prompt, where you ask the chat gpt to respond in the style of someone whose work is well known. The individual could be a writer, a singer, a poet, or something else.

For example,

Write me a poem about “Manhood in the Modern Era” in the style of William Shakespeare.

There are numerous ways to optimize your portfolio; here are a few more.

  1. Provide examples as needed.
  2. Provide context where necessary.
  3. You give it some keywords like “Let’s think about it this way,” “Expand on that,” “Tell me more about the topic,” “Explain in detail,” and simply tell it to do your bidding, just like you would your assistant.
  4. If your prompt is lengthy, try dividing it into chunks and feeding them to the input area after presenting an initial prompt such as “I would like you to take note of these details I will be providing.”
  5. Make use of references.


As you’ve seen, writing a prompt is not that difficult; all you have to know is the structure of your prompt. Such as the length, topic, and structure. You can improve your prompts by being specific, descriptive, and mimicking the styles of famous people. There are also other ways you could make your prompts to be better is you can use role-playing, providing context, and more. The response you’ll get depends on the prompts you provide.

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I hope this article was helpful. Thank you for coming by. Have a lovely time.

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