How To Generate Search Intent Optimized Blog Titles Using ChatGPT

You have been trying to generate blog titles on chatGPT the wrong way, I get it you can still get good results. But there is a better way you should approach this. The best way is to include search intent while generating your blog titles to get a better click-through rate when your blog goes live on google search.

So in this post, I’m going to show you how you can generate search intent-optimized titles using chat gpt.

What is a search intent-optimized blog title?

First search intent is the reason why someone is searching for particular information on google Search. There are several search intents, and here are a few of the important ones that can improve your SEO.

Informational Search Intents

This is where a person searches the web to learn more about a particular product or service. They could be searching for how to do something, how to use a product, or DIY ideas.

Examples of Informational Titles

  1. How to drive a car 
  2. Recipe ideas 
  3. Phone Repair Phone DIY

Transactional Search Intent

This is where a user, searches the web for a product they want to buy or a service they want to subscribe to. Most people search for the top products, price comparisons, and product reviews.


  1. 5 Best Laptops 
  2. Jasper and Copy ai Price comparison 
  3. Youtube paid subscription reviews

Those are the two main search intents you should focus on when doing your blog title generation with chat gpt, this will help you target the people who are searching for those things.

Hey, before we continue, I would like to show you some of the tools you can use to do this. And there are several tools out there. But, here are some of the best ones so far, some are free some are paid.

This is by far the best tool you can use to generate blog titles, the process of generation is easy and fast and besides blog title generation they specialize in blog content generation too.

They offer a generous free trial, feel free to check them out.


They specialize in long-form content generation, but they also have a plethora of tools you can use in your content generation. Blog title generation tools include. The best thing about them is that the content produced by them at AIfree and plagiarism free.

This one shines when it comes to blog content generation, whether you want to generate lyrics, blog content, or titles, everything they got you covered. They also have a free trial check them out.


A completely free tool that can you can use for all things content-wise, from rewriting, blog content generation, title function, grammar checker, and more. and

They have been in the field for a while and they shine as far as blog content generations are concerned. Use any of them to generate your titles today

Now that you’ve seen these tools, let’s go and try doing the same on chatGPT.

How to Generate Search Intent Optimized Blog Title Using Chat GPT

For you to generate anything from chat gpt you need to know how to write your prompts the right way.

It’s not hard though, you can just put simple prompts such as

Generate blog titles based on the keyword “Starting A Blog”

As you can see the wording is simple and direct. But this only gives a simple generic title that everybody is using and that will not give you the best click-through rate on the search results.

For you to generate the perfect blog title you need to do proper prompt engineering. You should include intent during generation, number, keywords you need in the titles, etc.

#Tip: ChatGPT has a lot of limitations and you need to fact-check all the results you get from it.

 Prompts Engineering

Let’s write the same prompt but differently this time.

Generate 5 blog titles based on “Seo” with informational intent, you must include the word ‘SEO’ on the titles. Optimize them for higher click-through rates for search engine results.

Yes, that’s how you should approach generating blog titles using chat gpt. Go and try it with your keywords and see the results.

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