How to Create an Account on Yaahpy

First of all what is Yaahpy: well it is a social website for sharing images mostly memes, it’s just like any other social network but what makes it unique is that it’s made in Kenya.

It’s easy to create an account, it’s straightforward, just go to the landing page which is then click the signup button. 

From there you’ll be directed to the signup page where you’ll enter your username and password

Tip on entering the username:

  1. Don’t use two words, if you have to use two words then join them to form one word
  2. You can use two words when joining them like this using underscore calvin_ochieng
  3. You can’t use an existing username so your username must be unique.
  4. You can’t use special characters such as *#$&-(//?:;!”¥√π| and others.

After choosing your favorite username now it’s time to choose your password. Chose a very strong password that is 8 characters or more long. Make sure you mix capital letters, numbers, and other characters.

Tip on choosing a strong password while choosing the password

  1. Make it more than eight characters long and mix them example $71rOpHX*3z
  2. Finally, make sure to confirm the password and let them be the same as the first password. If they are not the same you won’t be able to create an account.

After creating you’ll be directed to the index page where you can enjoy the tonnes of content available there. Now you can also start creating your posts

Happy tapping next, enjoy thank you for your time. Hey please check out my post on how to create a post on Yaahpy.

Be blessed.

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