Google Bard AI: All You Need To Know

Google has just unveiled a new feature, conversational AI, similar to ChatGPT. It will be integrated into Google search, just as GPT-4 has been integrated into Bing search. In this post, I’ll provide all the information you need to know about Google Bard AI and more

Introducing Google Bard AI

On a tweet thread, Sundar Pichai introduced the AI service as an experimental conversational service powered by LaMDA. He continued and added that the service seeks to combine the world’s knowledge with the power of AI and the creativity of a language model. He also said that the Bard chatbot will be able to provide fresh results and responses from the web. Have a look at the tweet.

What is Google Bard AI

It’s a conversational IA service capable of answering your query through a chat interface just like chatGPT. It is going to be incorporated into google search so that it can conversationally answer questions alongside google search results. The best part is that it will be able to get its response fresh from the web in real-time unlike chatGPT

What Language Model Does Bard AI Use

Bard AI is powered by Language Model For Dialogue Applications in short (LaMDA). In a blog post shared by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, he said the AI will use the lightweight version of LaMDA for the service to be able to deal with a large number of requests for now. But after some time, it will be able to gradually go to the large models.

How does Bard AI work

Google Bard AI, uses the power of the AI LaMDA language model to process and give responses effectively in a conversational manner, just like chat GPT. It will be capable of giving fresh information from the web, unlike the other chatbots, alongside google search results.

Is Bard Available For Public

The AI is not currently available to the public but the Google Bard AI link has been shared with select people who will be able to use the service and give feedback, to improve the conversational AI before its public debut. In the blog post introducing the product, it was said that it’s still under testing but it may be introduced to the public in the next few weeks or months.

“opening it up to trusted testers ahead of making it more widely available to the public in the coming weeks.” source

How Can You Access Bard AI

Currently, there is no website link or portal where you can go and use the service. But according to the article’s images and presentations on Twitter, a video shows how it will be incorporated into the search bar. So you’ll just use it normally as you would do a google search.

Google Bard AI Sign-up and Login

Bard AI is just like any other Google service so if you want to create an account for it, all you need is to sign up for a google account and you’re good to go. You won’t be able to access the bard ai immediately though. The service is currently not available to the public.

In case you want to log in to bard ai, all you have to do is log in to your Google account and you’ll be able to access the service soon as it launches.

Example Use Cases Of Google Bard AI

The ai bard chatbot will be able to revolutionize how we do a google search. With conversational capabilities, you will be able to do google searches conversationally unlike before. Here are some use cases and scenarios you could use the google bard ai chatbot

1. Article Summerizer – Since google bard ai is capable of accessing the web, you will able to ask it to summarize an article for you just in case we don’t want to go through the whole article yourself. All you have to do is give it the article link and it will do the rest.

2. Content Generator – bard will be able to generate content of your liking just like any other AI tool out there, all you’ll have to do is to ask it what you want it to write for you. Whether it’s a blog post, article titles, ad copies, etc.

3. News Summerizer – since the service is cable of accessing the web in real time you will be able to just ask it to summarize the news today and it will be able to get the news from the sources of your liking, summarize, and give you back the summary you specified.

3. AI Assistant – The bard chatbot will be able to act as your ai assistant to help you do simple tasks that are repetitive and boring like booking hotels for you, searching and recommending books for you, and assisting in plans such as weight loss plans.

4. Learning Assistant – it will be able to help you learn faster by recommending books and websites you would need to learn faster and the best thing is, it can summarize the best part and topics for you to read so that you can learn faster.

5. Content Discovery – in case you are searching for new materials whether it’s a TV series or anything, it will be able to give you the best according to the tastes you set up.

Compare Google Bard AI To ChatGPT

There is going to be stiff competition between open ai chatGPT and Google Bard AI. ChatGPT is already ahead with more than 100 million users worldwide who use the service daily, on the other hand, googles ai is yet to be avail to the public. According to the features claimed by the google team, it seems like bard ai s going to be superior to chatGPT but that is yet to be proven. Let’s have a look at both services and compare their features.

1. Both of them are free to use, even though the chatbot has a paid version

2. Google AI is capable of giving back real-time results, unlike chatbot which uses the data up to 2021.

3. You can easily access links using Bard AI while chatGPT can’t do that.

4. The AI can generate image results alongside the results, unlike chatGPT which only provides texts.

5. Chat GPT has been in the field for a while and now understands the user is s intents better and is safer unlike Bard which is relatively new hence we still don’t know if it is biased or something

6. Chat GPT uses GPT-3 while Bard AI uses Google’s own lightweight LaMDA language model

7. Bard AI can suggest links to the source of information, unlike chatGPT which doesn’t.

Bottom line the competition is gonna be neck breaking but, let us just wait and see the rate of adoption and usage of the AI when it launches to the general public in a few weeks.

How Will Google Bard AI Affect SEO

The introduction of bard ai is gonna impact SEO in general. The first thing it will affect the most is the search result click-through rate since many people will probably be just satisfied with what they already have in the chat response. But there is still hope, at the end of every response there is going to be some information card to show where the source of the response is from. We will be at the mercy of the users who wants to know more.

Now, how will we have to optimize our articles to be included in the bard AI response source cards? We must focus on conversational intent and not search intent only.

For you to stay on top you will need to

  1. Post new and unique contents that people are looking to know about.
  2. Update your content regularly
  3. Structure your blog posts into sections that answer the web’s most searched question
  4. Do keywords with search and conventional intent combined

These AI are here to stay all we need to do is to adapt to them and find ways we can use them to help us improve ourselves. Thank you for coming by I hope this was helpful, happy barding ✌️

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