Blue Print on How To Make $10(1000/=) Daily Online With Redbubble Print on Demand Step By Step Guide

Making money online isn’t that hard if done with the right strategies and proper planning. You must have a clear goal and plan for success, and you must be patient because it may take some time.


In this post, I’m going to show you this strategy you can use to make at least $10 (Ksh 1,000) working only 1 hour daily using your phone with an internet connection; if you have a laptop, the better. I understand that some money may be required, but you have to start somewhere, you know. Depending on how much time you put in, this strategy has the potential to scale to any figure you want.

In this strategy, we are going to use print-on-demand as a really beginner-friendly way to make money online. In case you don’t know what print-on-demand is, don’t worry. Print-on-demand is a type of fulfillment where the design is printed on the item as soon as it is ordered and paid for, then shipped to the buyer. The good thing about making money this way is that you don’t need to have complex machines to print on clothing or have any inventory at all.

I’m going to take you through the design process, posting, marketing, and getting your commission money.

What we’ll need


1. Redbubble or Etsy account

These are the sites that allow print-on-demand. So we need to create an account for us to post our designs. But to reach more people, you can also create an account with sites like Teespring, Spreadshirt, or Amazon Merch, where you can post the same designs and get more sales.

2. YouTube Channel

Your Youtube channel account is for marketing purposes; you’ll be uploading videos of your design process to entice people to buy your products. Every time you create a new design and post it, you create a video to show your process and leave a link to your store. This is to drive more traffic to your store.

3. Instagram Account

This is now where you’ll do most of your marketing. You’ll post your completed design and mockups to show your work and ask the users to refer potential customers to your store.

Examples of mockups you’ll post

After you post these on your feeds and even Instagram stories, you’ll leave a link in the bio so that anybody interested in the design can go and buy it.

Tools/ Apps

1. Text On Photo

This is a free app you can use to create amazing text-based designs. You’ll use this app to create a design that you’ll post to the site.

Examples of text-based designs created with this app

2. Mirror Lab

This is another app you’ll use to create incredible patterns you’ll post.

Examples of patterns created with this app

3. Inshot

We’ll use this app to edit the videos we made earlier before uploading them to YouTube.


If you also have a blog, that can be great too because you’ll be extending your audience reach, resulting in more sales 💰

Your income stream

You’ll get your money from the following income sources:

First, you’ll get paid from the views on your YouTube videos.

Second, Adsence from your blog

Third, commissions from your sales on the print-on-demand sites

With all this income combined, you’re sure to reach $10 in no time.

This is just a strategy that, if used well, can generate you money; if you don’t use it well, then you won’t get any money.

But remember, your income depends on the amount of work you put in. So just keep trying until you make that money.

Good luck! Hey, I put a lot of work into these articles, so please reward me by following me. Leave a comment for any suggestions.

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