8 Chat GPT Limitations You Should Know Of

ChatGPT is considered one of the top AI tools available with numerous advanced capabilities. Despite its strengths, some limitations have proven to be challenging even for its creators. In this article, I will be sheding light on these limitations one by one so that you will be prepared for them in case you encounter any.

Before delving into the limitations, let’s first take a look at some details about ChatGPT – how it works, who created it, and so on

What Is Chat GPT

ChatGPT is an AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI. It functions as a conversational AI that can answer any questions you ask in natural language.

Is chat GPT Free

Yes, chat gpt is free to use, although the free version has been hurdled with tons of problems, such as network errors, session errors, and accessibility issues.

However, you can upgrade to a paid version for 20 USD a month. Which promises faster response, it’s more stable, has larger languages parameters and in addition, you’ll get quick and quality support in case you face any issues

So with that in mind now, let us discuss some of the limitations that chat gpt can’t seem to solve.

1: Chat GPT Could Give You Wrong Answer Confidently

ChatGPT is well known for confidently providing incorrect answers, which is a common limitation of the platform. This makes it hard to trust the answers given by the platform. Even though it often provides well-explained and structured answers, there are times when it fails. Bnd the problem is that it will give you a wrong answer with confidence. IIts recommended you fact-check or else you’ll doomed

When using ChatGPT for research or writing content for your blog, it is important to always proofread and fact-check the texts to ensure accuracy.

2: Limited Knowledge of World Information Upto 2021

ChatGPT was built on a large language model that has been trained on data up to 2021, making it difficult to ask questions about events that have occurred after that year. For example, if you want information about the 2022 World Cup games, you won’t find the correct answer it using ChatGPT.

If you ‘re doing research that includes data beyond 2021, i’dd recommended you use other sources of information, such as Google or ChatSonic.

3: Maybe Biased

The language models that power ChatGPT were trained using data from the internet, books, social media conversations and posts, and more. These sources of information, especially social media, are known to biased. Bias is prevalent in all sources of information, whether it be from news sites or other sources. Humans have inherent biases, and if a language model is trained based on human-generated data, it is likely to have the same biases as its sources

OpenAI has attempted to address this issue and has managed to resolve some of the problems, but some remain under the radar.

To avoid receiving biased information, it is best not to ask ChatGPT questions related to sensitive topics such as gender, race, slavery, religion, and others, as the platform may still have biases in these areas.

4: Requires You to Know Prompt Engineering to Get good results

Results from chatgpt depend on how well structured and detailed the question is. If you ask it general questions it will give you a generic answer. So, for you to get the best and most detailed answers to your questions you’ll need to know how to do prompt engineering. Which is a specialized way to write queries to chatgpt to get the reliable answers

Here is how you should structure your question to get the right answer.

The prompt engineering design above is for helping you write blog posts and youtube content. You could use other methods if you want to do other tasks. But the bottom line you need to write your prompts well for you to get better results

5: The Content Produced Can Be Full Of Plagiarism

Try generating content from ChatGPT and then checking for plagiarism. You’ll find that the content generated often has some content from other sources. This is not surprising, given that GPT is trained using data from the web and is inclined to give back what it has learned and this is one of its limitations. However, this can damage your credibility as a writer or content creator. To stay safe, you should fact-check your generated content, rewrite it where necessary, and regularly check for plagiarism. 

There are tools you can use to rewrite your articles and check for plagiarism, such as:


Quillbot – It is an AI platform that helps content creators write with ease. Whether you want to write blog posts, or YouTube content, rewrite your articles, or just check your grammar, it will help you with all that. To avoid plagiarism with this tool, you need to use its powerful article rewriter that removes any form of plagiarism from your content.


This is by far the best tool you can use to detect AI-generated content and check if an article has content from other sources. Simply input your text from ChatGPT and it will provide you with plagiarism and AI scores for your text.

Visit Originality.ai

Content At Scale

This platform offers tools to address plagiarism and AI content detection. Its strength lies in its ability to allow you to write long-form, AI-free, and plagiarism-free articles with just a simple click.

6: Can’t Give Back Long Form Contents

No matter how hard you try to make ChatGPT won’t give you long-form results, it will always stop halfway. It has a limit of 500 to 720 words per response. So, if you need a long-form answer then you’ll need to be clever. I wrote a post about how to write long-form texts from chat gpt.

But in case you need to know how to do this here is a quick tip. Write the number of the words you need for your article and ask it to expand, if it stops halfway then write continue for it to continue.

7: Usage Issues Limitations

Lately, chatgpt has been having issues, it’s always at capacity, login issues and sometimes you don’t even get your answers. Even you can still just reload your browser whenever you encounter this issue. But it’s still annoying, they have promised stable services though, but only for the paying users who will have to part with 20 USD a month.

8: Bans

Since texts generated from chat gpt are AI content, this has made it to be banned from use in some schools, on Reddit and StackOverflow. Many people tend to use chat gpt to answer questions they can’t answer in real life, which is misleading. If they could find a way to deal with this then you could use the contents of these platforms. One other fear is that the article generated from chatgpt can not rank on Google search butt hats is yet to be proven. We still don’t know for sure but soon we’ll know.

I hope this was helpfull, thank you for comming by. Blessings

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