32 Innovative SaaS Ideas You Can Start Using Chat GPT

Do you want to launch your software-as-a-service (SaaS) company but are having trouble coming up with concepts? Look no further. This article offers 32 cutting-edge SaaS concepts that make use of chat technology with GPT enhancements. You can revolutionize how businesses interact with their customers and streamline operations by utilizing the power of GPT. These concepts, which range from content creation tools and team collaboration tools to chatbots for customer service, will encourage you to think creatively and launch your own lucrative SaaS business. These ideas will provide you with the motivation and direction you need to get started, whether you’re a tech entrepreneur or simply looking to start a side business.

If you know how to code, the better, but that is not an issue. Even if you don’t know how to code, you can always hire someone to do the coding for you.

1: Prompt Engineering Services

midjourney and chat gpt awwzapp.com

The internet is going crazy about text-to-image generation tools such as the Dall EE, imagen, Midjourney, Stability.ai, and more. I hope you have seen so many amazing works of art generated from these platforms.


The problem comes when you try to recreate the arts yourself; it doesn’t always come out the way you expected. The reason is that you don’t know the right prompts to give the AI to create such masterpieces. And you’re not alone; many people don’t know either, and they could use a service to help them in the process.


If you’re a prompt engineer, you can train your GPT 3 model to generate engineered, precise prompts for your users. It should be smooth enough that someone can just describe what they want to be generated. And the platform engine should be able to convert that into prompts that the users can use to create their images. You can also use APIs from the platforms of your choice so that the user can just generate the images right there on your platform.


Now after all that, you can charge per

  1. Token credit: pay for what they use.
  2. time used in the generation from the image generation engine API,
  3. membership for extra features, tools, and premium support.
  4. You can add a side platform to help your users share and even sell their generated art and get paid in commission.

2: GPT Keyword Research Tool


Doing keyword research is tiresome and takes a long time to master. Many people struggle with this, and the available tools are very expensive and complex to use.


You can use GPT3 to create a tool that can help people with this. You can use the readily available data on the GPT model to generate keywords, or you can fine-tune it with many keywords in different niches. Combine GPT 3 with the premium keyword research tools API to make your SaaS even better and more competitive. 


You can sell this service as a subscription or for a one-time fee.

3: AI Content Creator

Many content creator tools are popping up every day, but they have many problems.

Are You a Content Creator?

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The problem is that they are very expensive, the content they produce can be detected as being AI-generated. They generally have many limitations.


This is where you come in with a tool that can generate from GPT 3, spin it, and produce work that is free of both plagiarism and AI. This tool can be very important to many content creators, like bloggers and more.


You can charge whatever you want; for example, “content at scale” is doing it now and making good money; you can learn from them.

4: Education | Language Translator 

Language translation is generally difficult, to say the least, and so is learning a new language. It can take you years if you’re learning by yourself. There are services like Google Translate and Duolingo, which is a platform that allows people to learn new languages. Other services are provided through apps or websites, but the problem is that their courses are hard to follow, plus they are super expensive.

Even though there are other free tools, they don’t provide any better services.


From what I know, Chat GPT 3 is trained on a lot of data from different languages, including English, French, German, and more. And just so you know, not many Germans understand English, and neither do many English-speaking people understand German. Now, since gpt3 is capable of doing translation and creating course outlining based on any topic, use the gpt 3 API to create a course outline for learning a new language. Then create the course, create practicals powered by GPT 3, and create a language translation portal to help people do the translations.

Then create a chat assistant that helps the learner through the learning process. If you do this, everything is going to be on autopilot.


Since API calls on GT3 are not that expensive, don’t charge a lot. This is so that you can provide great service at a low cost that’s going to make you stand out of the crowd and get many customers in a short period of time. And with a large number of customers, so is the cash flow. 

  1. You can charge for membership and a monthly subscription.
  2. Pay-as-you-go basis, which is tokens or credits where they pay for what they use.

5: Premium Chat GTP Prompt Market Place

prompt market place for chat gpt awwzapp.com

Over 2 million people are using Chat GPT, but 60 to 90% of them don’t use the service the right way. This is because they don’t know how to write prompts that will produce the best results. I agree; even I haven’t cracked the code of prompting yet.

Users typically ask the chatbot to write an article about a certain topic, and that’s it. They don’t know that you can adjust the tone, voice, formal, professional, etc. And they end up with meager articles.


You can create a place where people can create and share the best working prompts. The prompt should have examples so that users know what to expect.

People can either volunteer to provide these prompts or sell them on the prompt market on this website, similar to Promptbase.com and promptoMANIA

Don’t be afraid; the market is not yet saturated. If you feel it’s saturated, just remember that Google was not the first search engine; in fact, there were so many powerful search engines, but they dominate now.


After providing such a service, you must now monetize it.

  1. One method is to use volunteer prompts, in which the user provides the prompts for free, and then you can ask the users to donate in exchange for the service.
  2. Premium prompts: this way, users post their prompts for sale, and you get paid in commission on every sale.
  3. For membership, you can charge people who are selling their prompts monthly membership fees.
  4. Another way is to charge for prompt placement, where the sellers pay for placing prompts for sales.
  5. Finally, charge for promoted prompts.

6: Service for Fine Tuning GPT3

GPT3 API, or Chat GPT as it is called, is general and has a lot of data. It is not trained on specific topics or data. So if you want it to focus on a particular topic or area, you need to fine-tune it to specialize in a particular topic of your choice.

However, fine-tuning GT3 is difficult due to the large amount of data that must be structured in a specific way.

It’s also time-consuming to fine-tune the model for your needs. And not many people have the patience to structure the data, feed the API one by one, test, correct errors, and repeat until you get robust, working API capable of doing your bidding.


You can create a platform that is integrated with the Open AI API and allows people to fine-tune their GPT3 models.

You can provide services such as data restructuring, where users can just upload the format of the data they have, and it can be restructured and fed to the model. This is for people who want the required data for fine-tuning their models.

If the user can bring in their data in whatever format they have, your service will now be for fine-tuning their models, error correction, testing, and shipping to the customer.

You can also fine-tune models on various topics, package them, and make them available to anyone interested.


Now that you have a great product and great service, how do you get paid for this?

  1. One way would be via pay-as-you-go, which is a token used by customers. This is what you charge for data restructuring and fine-tuning.
  2. You can sell the fine-tuned models for a fee.
  3. You can also provide fine-tuned model hosting and charge per API request per month.
  4. Membership: You can charge people for being members for extra services, extra tools, premium features, and more.

8: AI HR Assistant for Corporate

Human resource is a tiresome job especially if you’re doing it by yourself in one company. Some companies have multiple HRs but that means many people are being served and most of the time some of the tasks are repetitive and boring.


Identify all the repetitive tasks that human resource managers deal with daily at work. Use the gpt 3 models to automate this. Serve the product through API.

For specialized tasks for specific companies, you can fine-tune the models to make them work with the company.


You can charge for the services

1. Pay-as-you-go for every API request.

2. Monthly subscription

3. Extra charges for extra features

9: Learning To Code Assistant

32 Innovative SaaS Ideas  Leveraging Chat GPT3 Technology As Programmer

Learning to code is very expensive and takes too long to master however, to succeed means you go from one to the other.

This tool can be used to help people learn to code and learn faster and easier.


For example, you can create an app that checks and analyzes the learner’s coding progress. Get the learner’s potential, strengths, and weaknesses. Compile the information and recommend the best and most optimized next step. The app should also be able to recommend the best project based on the learner’s abilities so that they can learn by doing and improve their code.


The easiest way to charge for this is by

  1. Monthly subscription
  2. Payment for Premium Project Unlock
  3. Charge for add-ons like one-on-one tutoring with a professional, besides the normal AI-aided tutoring.

10: Coding Assistant

learning with chat gpt 3 awwzapp.com

Coding is not easy, and many software developers spend a lot of time writing and optimizing code.


You can use this opportunity to create a tool using GTP 3 to help in this area, which will save them time and make their work easier. You can make it so that it assists the developer while writing code, provides improvements to their code, and also recommends the best optimization for the code.


People will pay to use this.

  1. You can create a paid plugin for the VS Code editor.
  2. Or you can create a complete code editor that has all these AI features and charge monthly for it.
  3. Or charge a one-time fee for a license.

11: Project and Code Generator

Starting a complete software project is so time-consuming that it can take weeks, if not months, to research and get the recommended stacks for your project.


Here is where you come in. You can create a tool that makes it easier with just a click. a GPT3 AI tool that will provide codes, structures, and commands in one place. For example, if you want to create a Django project and host it on AWS, the tool should be able to generate a project, generate database code complete with a generic password you can change later, create the S3 bucket, connect you to Cloudflare, or more.


You can monetize this.

  1. Per generated project using the VS Code plugin,
  2. Or you can create a platform for generating and downloading projects and charge per project download.
  3. Membership fee on the platform

11: Domain Name Finder

If you have ever created a website, you know how hard it is to research and find the right domain name that is related to your niche and brand. I used to spend hours going from idea to idea before deciding on the best domain name for me. But you don’t have to go through this, as you can use chat GPT3 to do this easily.

In case you need to buy a new domain name, then buy from our partners


You can create a platform that helps people generate the best brand name based on their niche and category. As a result, they will save hours of research time; as an optional extra, you can include a brand logo generator. 


You can monetize this service by

  1. Monthly subscriptions
  2. Monetize with ads and affiliate links.
  3. Charge for extras such as logo creation.

12: Social Media Manager (SMM)

Nowadays, people have more than two social media accounts, and staying active and providing content for all platforms can be overwhelming.


So as an entrepreneur, this is where you come in. You can provide a service to help do this efficiently and with ease. You can fine-tune the GPT3 model with data from the individual social media platforms’ accounts; this is to help the AI be able to mimic and provide content to all the platforms with ease, thereby saving them time in content research. Additionally, you can optimize the AI to engage in the posts.


You can charge for this.

  1. Monthly subscription
  2. Per post-generation credit token, whichever suits you and your users.

13: Book Creator

Chat gpt 3 ideas

It can take months or years to create a single book, from idea to research to writing, summarizing, and compiling all that into a book.


You can create a platform that helps people do research, do analysis, determine the right audience for their content, and even project the revenues they may get after publication.

The platform should be able to provide top-notch tools for writing and editing, all powered by Chat GPT3, and you can use other AI tools to make it even better. Make the process of making books easier and less time-consuming.


Now, after doing that, you can charge the users.

  1. Per book generation,
  2. Membership fees
  3. Commissions on sales made on the marketplace.
  4. Charge for extra features such as the AI book cover creator.

14: Programming Code Translator

Translating requires you to have proper knowledge about the current language and the language you’re translating to. You may not be well conversant in both programming languages. Ans take into consideration the imported packages, you have to know all of them for everything to run smoothly after translation.


You can create a tool or platform that allows developers to translate codes from one programming language to the other easily. The tool should be package intelligent so that it can easily identify which packages were imported and provide the right package for the next programming language. If the package doesn’t exist for the language it should be able to inform the developer of the absent package and even suggest how to create one.

Key features:

  1. Support multiple programming languages
  2. Package intelligent that is the imported packages
  3. Able to identify bugs in the programs to be translated before translation begins.
  4. Auto code optimization as an add-on


You can charge for it.

  1. One-time fee for tool license
  2. Platform monthly subscription
  3. Charge for advanced add-ons, tools

15: AI-aided Video Production Tool For YouTubers

Creating YouTube videos requires you to do proper research choose a niche and find the right keywords. Then you need to write scripts, record audio, and videos and find extra video clips to add to your video. All this is not done in one place, you have to go to multiple platforms.


Use the power of chat gpt3 to generate script, and generate keywords based on the niche input. With that now, you can generate thumbnails, through DALL·E 2 – OpenAI or Midjourney.com.

Create a platform that combines all these features in one place for the users to make YouTube videos easier.

You use the power of these AI(s) to generate audio from the scripts and find the best background music based on the mood and tone of the scripts. Also, add extras such as images that can be added to videos you use free APIs from Unsplash or Pixabay.

On the side, create a tool that can generate thumbnails at ago.

Use your skills to make video production as easy as possible.


Since this service will require a lot of power you need to charge a little bit more or you can charge extra per add-on to carter for the operational costs

1. Monthly subscription for base features

2. Charge extra for advanced thumbnail generation, transcript, etc

3. You can also use pay-as-you-go per video generation

16: Chat GPT WordPress Content Assistant

Many people use WordPress to create blog content. WordPress is by far the best platform to host your content, it doesn’t have to be a blog, you can create pretty much anything with it. From e-commerce, forums, social networks, company website, and more.

All these require content, and when you have contents you need to create and manage them. Right?


This is where you come in, you can create a plugin that helps the WordPress user to create, manage, analyze and optimize content with ease. Whether it is writing a blog, writing product descriptions, writing content for forums, doing copies for website taglines, or managing meta tags for better SEO. The list goes on. You should provide a solution for these. Make it easy so that the user doesn’t have to leave WordPress for anything as far as content is concerned.

Key Features

  1. Blog writer
  2. SEO optimizer
  3. Website analysis


Monetization for this should be straightforward, charge a monthly subscription or the way you like depending on the resources used by the users using the system.

17: AI Code and Project Debugger

I know we have talked about coding and this might be just repetition but debugging requires a dedicated tool, it does not have to be on a single file it should be done project-wide. You may have a complete project and the files do not have bugs but the way the project is structured can break your project.


You can create a tool possibly VS Code plugin that uses the power of GPT 3 that can scan your project and look for bugs, and anything that can break your project.


You can charge a monthly subscription for this but you can also use one-time license fees.

18: Betting and Games Analyzer

We all know the analytical power of chat GPT, you can throw in any data to it and it will do proper analysis and give a proper result. Now with this in mind, it means you can use this tool to analyze games before making any bet for those who do betting.


You can create a website that has fine-tuned models of games that have been played so far. Start small by feeding the model with just the data from the premier league for Premier League games analysis. Structure your data so that it takes all the perimeters required from players’ lineup, goals, time, red and yellow cards, home or away. If you are well conversant with sports and games you’ll understand what is required for a team to win a match.

In case you need to fine-tune your model you can use many data sources available on the web some may be free some may be paid for but go for both when building your database for fine-tuning your model.


You can charge for services differently depending on the use cases.

  1. Monthly subscription
  2. pay as you go for each game analysis
  3. you can also sell predicted odds. Whereby they pay a certain amount if there is a win

19: GPT Content Moderator

Many content creator whether it’s YouTubers, corporations, or Twitter users struggles with hate speech and spam comments. And going through the comments one by one and removing them can tiring. It can be time-consuming and it may require the content creator to employ comments moderators which in turn costs money.


You can create a YouTube add-on or a browser plugin that detects the hate speeches in comments, hide them and suggest removal. This can save the users time and improve engagement with their content overall. You can use GPT 3 models to detect these hate speeches and do the work for you.

To make it even more robust make the tool to be able to respond to comments with user consent, like a comment bot but for the content creators.


Charge user based on the token used in detecting and API requests

  1. Monthly subscription
  2. Extra charges for advanced tools

20: Chat GPT Powered Video Games Outline Generator

You can create a tool that helps game developers easily create an outline for their games, character development, and story about the game so that they can focus on creating the games.

Monetize this through a pay-as-you-go basis for every storyline generated.

23: GPT ChatBot for the Deceased

24: Plugging a generator

25: Outreach

26: Email Marketing Content Generator

27: Search Engine Optimization Analyzer

28: Company data auditor

29: Stock Market Analyzer

30: Workout Planner

31: Meal Planner

32: Podcast Chatbot

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